Autumn Reading List

I developed a Reading List in Autumn 2021 to educate people about AI in Healthcare. As an aid to navigating a selection of my blog posts, here is the complete reading list:

  1. Translation in medical AI.
  2. Building a medical AI product (product development framework).
  3. Bioinformatics business models.
  4. Predictive Models.
  5. Regulating AI in Medical Products (OnRAMP).
  6. Leadership / managing people.
  7. Data science in biomedical industry.
  8. Pharma’s data problem.
  9. Knowledge worker operating manual.
  10. Personalised medicine, what is it?
  11. RCT vs RWE.
  12. AI in Healthcare 101.
  13. 5 big challenges facing medical AI.
  14. Differentiation.
  15. Math and Bio 2.0.

This list is thematically coherent and should give you a good starting point for exploring this blog.

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