Talks cancelled – Talks online

I had quite a nice spring season of talks planned for 2020. I was invited to deliver a keynote on AI in Healthcare at Biovaria. And, I was one of the invited speakers for the Dynamics of Immune Repertoires conference where I would also have given a workshop, in Dresden. Covid-19 struck and the rest is history.

Emergencies lead to quick changes of plans. Anthony Kelly from AI in Action reached out to me asking me to take part in a special on AI in Healthcare.

This was my first remote talk. It was a bit of a learning curve, but definitely worth the effort. I talked mainly about how I see the Digital Health space, with my own particular focus on developing AI.

The very next day, Nicholas Borsotto from also asked me to give a presentation. This time I presented with my co-author Vince Madai on the topic of our recent paper together.

We gave a full overview of our framework on AI in Healthcare product development.

All-in-all I quite liked the experience of presenting online. The major drawbacks are lack of ability to see the audience – no visual feedback! – and a tendency to rush the content.

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