Three things I know: Future-casting 3 of 3

Over the past two weeks I have presented two future-casts. The first involves the ubiquitous appearance of AGI inside of ten years. The second concerns the tipping-point appearance of a Virtual Patient for drug development. This week is the third and final installment of the deep-tech incubation game.

I think we will have an Excel for Data Science within the next 3-5 years.

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Entrepreneur First the Index VC Fund

I took part in Entrepreneur First’s (EF’s) first Berlin cohort last summer. I have largely refrained from talking about my experience, even in private so far, but this hasn’t prevented a lot of people from giving me their opinions on the business model of EF.

The EF hypothesis sounds simple: get enough smart and motivated people together in a cohort and give them the opportunity (time, access to funds, etc.) to start businesses together and some of them will succeed…. bigly.

The venture capital community here in Berlin are not so convinced. Personally I sympathise with their doubts. Certainly from an operations point of view, scaling EF has seen problems. However, as a business model it may be genius.

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