Autumn Reading List

I developed a Reading List in Autumn 2021 to educate people about AI in Healthcare. As an aid to navigating a selection of my blog posts, here is the complete reading list:

  1. Translation in medical AI.
  2. Building a medical AI product (product development framework).
  3. Bioinformatics business models.
  4. Predictive Models.
  5. Regulating AI in Medical Products (OnRAMP).
  6. Leadership / managing people.
  7. Data science in biomedical industry.
  8. Pharma’s data problem.
  9. Knowledge worker operating manual.
  10. Personalised medicine, what is it?
  11. RCT vs RWE.
  12. AI in Healthcare 101.
  13. 5 big challenges facing medical AI.
  14. Differentiation.
  15. Math and Bio 2.0.

This list is thematically coherent and should give you a good starting point for exploring this blog.

December 2023 update

I stopped posting updates to this blog almost one year ago. At the time, I was deeply involved in producing yet another academic paper (It’s out!) and we had just had our second child.

I still like the process of writing my ideas and sharing them with others. But the process has become too time consuming. And, sadly, the payoff in a noisy world is pretty thin.

Having some experience of the whole key-opinion-leader (KOL) process I don’t think that I’m ever going to be very successful on that path.


Three key decisions are relevant for the current post

  1. Commission somebody to redesign this site. I need to make it more navigable, so that you the reader can access the more relevant posts on your first visit.
  2. Post considerably less frequently. Yes I will begin to write again, but the articles will only be posted after the redesign.
  3. Display a thread of some of my most relevant articles as a first contact point for the interim. (Coming next week).

About me

I am still a life-sciences and technology founder. I still prefer the technical rather than business role, although I frequently do both albeit rarely at the same time. I came very close to founding a Software-as-a-InVitro-Diagnostic (SaIVD) company in 2023, unfortunately our hopes did not come to fruition. I earn my income from advising others on Team, Architecture and Build. Mostly I get paid to solve serious problems. I also do due diligence for investors.