Event: Charité Digital Health Forum

This week I will be the host for the Berlin Institute of Health, Digital Health Forum. The format is somewhat different due to the ongoing Covid regulations.

The topic will be Digital Health – Incubation and Innovation. Yoni Goldwasser and Bartosz Kosmecki will be the guests.

Yoni has a PhD, in medical engineering, from MIT. He has founded and exited at least one company in his native Israel. And he was, until recently, the director of venture development of the Axel Springer/Porche APX incubator in Berlin.

Bartosz is a highly successful entrepreneur. He spun-out from the TU Berlin, developing a medical devices company. His main product was a navigation platform for surgeons. In 2017 he successfully sold his company to the market leader in surgical devices. He continues to work for Stryker as Director of Digital Transformation.

As host, I bring to the table my own experience founding two digital health companies. I’ve raised over €6m in funding. And I am, generally speaking, an expert in all things Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; I taught my own masters-level courses on all three at the three major Berlin universities. I also have detailed personal experience of both Entrepreneur First and the BIH Digital Health Accelerators.

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